Jaya Ahsan stands by Pori Moni...

Dhaka, Wednesday   04 August 2021

Jaya Ahsan stands by Pori Moni

 Entertainment Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 04:40 PM, 14 June 2021  

Pori Moni and Jaya Ahsan; File Photo

Pori Moni and Jaya Ahsan; File Photo

Renowned actress of Dhaka cinema Pori Moni has alleged that she was the victim of attempted rape and murder. She herself informed the matter through a status on her Facebook page on Sunday. She then presented the incident to the media through a press conference. 

Popular actress of two Bangla Jaya Ahsan has protested such an incident took place against Pori Moni. In a post shared on Facebook, she wrote, “Since hearing the news of Pori Moni, my mind has been filled with pain and contempt. I’m hurt as a person, as a girl, as a member of the acting world.”

“After crossing the path of the 21st century, do girls still have to face such humiliation? Where does this mentality or courage to treat such a girl come from? Is the film industry that we have built with blood and sweat so fragile?” she asked.

Jaya Ahsan further wrote, “We want to understand this incident up to the bottom. We want to see such mischief judged. I want to see that such treatment to any girl, no matter who they are, has come to an end.”

Pori Moni said an attempt was made to rape her at a boat club in Uttara on Wednesday night. A man named Nasir Uddin wanted to cause this incident by consuming something intoxicating.