Alexa Japanese drink swallow belly fat

Dhaka, Friday   21 February 2020


Japanese drink swallow belly fat

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 Published: 10:21 PM, 27 January 2020  

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Women and men are worried about excess fat in the stomach. At present, weight becomes a national problem! On the other hand, seeing the Japanese is definitely jealous! Because they are very fit and question arises to people around the world, how do they keep themself fit? Let’s learn the way how we can fit ourselves-


Ginger slices, half cup of water, lemon juice and honey.


Take half a cup of water in a pan and mix the ginger in it and let it boil for five to ten minutes. Now, close the oven and pour the mixture into the cup and mix it with lemon juice and honey. Drink the mixture at least once a day. Be sure to drink it half an hour before eating.

Drinking this mixture will relieve these problems:

1. The problem of high blood pressure will go away.

2. Reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in the body.

3. Ginger of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients protects against any infection.

4. This drink is very effective in relieving stomach upset, diarrhea and gastric problems.

5. This drink can quickly swallow fat in the thighs, stomachs, and waist.