Jaber Bahini: A name of panic...

Dhaka, Sunday   07 March 2021

Jaber Bahini: A name of panic

 Rajshahi Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 04:13 PM, 21 January 2020  

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Bagmara of Rajshahi was once known as the main den for extremism and militancy. But that story changed after the present government came to power in 2008. Once gory town Bagmara established as an area of ​​peace. But that peace is now threatening with the establishment of a new force known as ‘Jaber Bahini’. 

The people of at least 10 villages in Basupara UP of the upazila have become restless with the outrage of Jaber Bahini which was formed almost a year ago. No one dares to open their mouth against this force due to their continuous extortion, threats, and torture. 

Mubarak Hossain of Birkoya village was attacked on December 3 for protesting against the torture and outrage of ‘Jaber Bahini’. He is currently living with a disability. Earlier this week, this terror force attacked Mubarak Hossain’s wife Anjuri Begum of the same village. During this, Anjuri was gravely injured with sharp weapons.

She was intimidated by the name of Jaber Ali, chief of ‘Jaber Bahini’, during a quarrel with a neighbor. The next morning, they attacked the house. Her husband escapes. But she was gravely tortured, Anjuri Begum said.   

Jaber Ali later threatened to kill her if she lodges a case. The victim said “she did not have the courage to sue”.

Mubarak Hossain, a victim of ‘Jaber Bahini’, said his mother’s Kulkhani was on December 5. He went to Battala Market for mother’s Kulkhani program on December 3. During this, the men of Jaber Bahini took him to Mandiyal village. There, his men, including Jaber, tortured and broke his leg. Later, they sent him home by a van where his members sent him to the hospital. 

“My wife Nazma Bibi filed a case against 14 people including Jaber Ali, chief of ‘Jaber Bahini’,” Mubarak Hossain further said. 

Jaber’s men threatened to kill him at Rajshahi Medical College Hospital for the case. “Later, I was forced to flee the hospital and admitted to a clinic and secretly received treatment. But till now, I could not go to the area because of fear of Jaber Bahini,” he added. 

Anwar Hossain of Kutubpur village, who was also tortured by ‘Jaber Bahini’, said that Jaber Bahini had inhumanly tortured him at the Jotinganj market and broke his leg. But he could not sue in fear. 

On Saturday night, a man identified himself a man of Jaber Bahini threatened him over phone. They threatened to kill if anyone opens their mouth bout torturing people in the area, he added. 

Who is this Jaber Ali?

Jaber Ali, son of Budai Gayin of Mandiyal village in Basupara UP of the upazila. He was an employee of the former UP chairman Lutfar Rahman’s shop. He later owned several properties in the business of counterfeit money and dry fish. 

After this, he established his own army and occupied the beels and ponds and within a few years, he became the millionaire. 

There are currently at least 10 cases against him. Four of which are under trial. Although absconding, Jaber Ali sometimes entered the area with the force at night.

Police arrested Jaber Ali from Jyotinganj Bazar of the Upazila on December 19 at around 8:30 pm. During this, his men attacked the police and snatched Jaber Ali. Two police officers were also injured at the time, according to locals. 

Lutfar Rahman, former chairman and president of Basupara Union Awami League, said “Jaber Ali is the terror of the area. There have been multiple cases against him in various incidents.” 

Though he is reportedly absconding, he caused panic in the village with his army at night. Many have fled the village due to the oppression of Jaber Bahini. But the role of the law enforcers against these forces is mysterious, he said.

Bagmara Police Station SI Sourav Kumar Chanda said Jaber, the accused in multiple cases. He was arrested in case lodged by Mubarak Hossain’s wife Nazma Bibi in the case of torturing. “But his associates snatched him away from the police. Jaber Ali has been threatening to kill and threaten people since he was absconding,” he added.