JP`s proposal to ensure safe Eid- journey...

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JP`s proposal to ensure safe Eid- journey

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 02:42 PM, 26 May 2019  

Photo: DailyBangladesh

Photo: DailyBangladesh

Jatiya Party Acting Chairman Ghulam Muhammad Quader has called for safe voyage on road, water and railways to make Eid joyous.

In a statement on Sunday he said this.

GM Quader said, "Every year there are huge casualties in accidents during Eid journey. Many become injured. Many lives loss. It fads the Eid joy and make ever grief and suffering for the families. Therefore, before the festival, the concerned authorities will have to take necessary initiatives so that road-highways, waterways and railways can be kept normal by avoiding accidents. It can be positive to celebrate the festival

In the statement, the Acting Chairman of JP presented several proposals to ensure the highways, boats and railways discipline.

Proposals made by the JP acting chairman - A large number of law enforcers will be deployed on the highway. Regular registration, route permit and non-fitness vehicles should be strictly prohibited. It is necessary to take effective initiative for non-licensed drivers, so that, they cannot drive on the road. To ensure the safety, necessary close circuit cameras should be installed in the bus counters. To stop the extra passengers keeping, the law and order will be more active.

Passing off on the bus roof, truck or pickup van. To stop the extra payment as additional rent, the administrative initiative will be stricter. The number of mobile courts required to be activated in the safety of roads, waterways and railways. Strict action will be taken to stop the movement of extra passengers in the launches. Naval services will be managed keeping in mind the load line of each launch. Stop the passengers in the middle river and stop the passengers. Necessary action should be taken to stop the passenger harassment for railway ticketing. Highway police surveillance will be required to stop risky overtaking of long-distance buses.

In the statement, Jatiya Party Acting Chairman GM Quader greeted all the people on the eid-ul-Fitr's festivities and offered them a safe and happy life.