It’s a shame they write anything only to increase viewers: Popy...

Dhaka, Tuesday   02 March 2021

It’s a shame they write anything only to increase viewers: Popy

 Entertainment Correspondent

 Published: 05:25 PM, 24 December 2020   Updated: 09:26 PM, 24 December 2020

Sadika Parvin Popy

Sadika Parvin Popy

Sadika Parvin Popy, also known as Popy,  the most popular actress in the Dhaka film industry. She has won three National Film Awards in her two-decade acting career and received numerous honours.

Recently, this popular actress had a conversation with Daily Bangladesh. She was interviewed by Rumman Roy.

Daily Bangladesh: What are your thoughts about Covid-19?

Popy: Actually we’re all still terrified of it. We have nothing to do but pray. However, we should all tackle this consciously. Everyone should be aware, should be careful. 

Daily Bangladesh: Several of your new movies will be released in the new year. How optimistic are you about the movies?

Popy: In fact, I am confused about whether the audience will come amid the country’s current situation. Still, I’m optimistic about the movies – because the storyline and making are good. Viewers will like when will release.

Sadika Parvin Popy

Daily Bangladesh: The number of cinema halls is decreasing. In such a situation, the audience has also decreased. Is it increasing the business risk?

Popy: Actually you need a good environment to watch a good movie. If the environment is not good, the audience will never come to the cinema hall. They have not yet survived the Covid-19. In such a situation, everyone is really worried about the movie business.

Daily Bangladesh: Gossip about stars! How do you see this?

Popy: Gossip is never desirable for anyone and that’s never good for the stars. Every human being has their own personal image. You can’t be a star without a personal image. It is with great sadness and shame that the well-known YouTubers are writing anything about me only to increase the viewers of their news. They even write very dirty things. 

They should understand that we are also a part of this society. My point is that – they don’t respect women's society, as a result, they write nonsense about us. This is a traitorous act.

I have to say – they are selling the artist for their own interest. Do they have any conscience? Those who come from disrespectful places do not know how to respect others. I faced a tough hardship to reach my current position.

Sadika Parvin Popy

Daily Bangladesh: What is the most embarrassing question for you?

Popy: Marriage. It is seen that they are marrying me every now and then. I am very embarrassed and disrespected. Why would they do that? They make grooms as per their wish.

Daily Bangladesh: Many movie stars are working on the OTT platform. Do you support working on OTT platforms?

Popy: As an actress, I will work wherever I have the opportunity to perform the best. I am an artist, acting is my profession. People love my acting, and I respect their love. Since my job is to act, if I have the opportunity to act well, I will not have any objection whether it is a movie, drama or web series.

Sadika Parvin Popy

Daily Bangladesh: Is there any new news about your work?

Popy: To be honest, there are no new work updates due to COVID.

Daily Bangladesh: What are your expectations in the new year?

Popy: I want everyone to overcome the current situation so that we can all work together again like before.