‘It is airport, so price is a little higher’...

Dhaka, Sunday   26 September 2021

‘It is airport, so price is a little higher’

 Md. Abdullah Al Mamun daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 07:02 PM, 7 November 2019   Updated: 12:59 PM, 13 November 2019

Photo: DailyBangladesh

Photo: DailyBangladesh

Sulaiman Hossain, a private bank official, who was waiting at the platform number-1 of the airport railway station in the capital for North Bengal bound Dhumketu train became a victim of extra-charge buying a half-liter water bottle and bread from a shop named RFC Corner. The shopkeeper charged him TK 35, which is quarterly higher than the actual price of Tk 26 saying that ‘it is airport, so the price is a little higher.’

Victim Sulaiman Hossain told DailyBangladesh, though the price of the two products is TK 26 but the shopkeeper taking TK 35. When I made an objection, the shopkeeper denied, even he said that I did not buy water from here”. Sulaiman Hossain expressed anger, is this the country has become a ‘Muger Mulluk’ (hazardous)?

When it was asked to the RFC Corner shopkeeper that, why he charged Tk 25 instead of actual price Tk 20 for one-liter water, he replied, “Hey brother, is it a fun place. It is airport. It is an international airport. Here is no chance to get a joke”.

In another shop, an elderly man named Mohammad Zaman Kabir a retired government official was also buying a soft drinks for his grandson. The price of the product is TK 35 but the shopkeeper took TK 40 from him. The elder person didn’t get any outcome by resisting.

Talking to DailyBangladesh Mr. Zaman Kabir expressed anger that the shopkeeper is doing wrong, great wrong. When asked the why he bought the product at a higher cost, he replied, “Then what is the way? I have to take it”.

Meanwhile, the shopkeeper told the reporter about accusation that “I am a worker in this shop. This is the owner's order, we charged a little more because”. “Besides, it is a station, so the price is a little higher”, he also stated literally.

The scenery at Airport Railway Station is very common. All of the shopkeepers in the station always charge a higher price from its actual price. Although there are currently 15 government-approved shops, the number of shops is currently over a hundred in the rail station. The passengers are also being insulted when try to resist.

In this regard, Station Master Maran Chandra Das told DailyBangladesh that the issue is nothing to deny. The prices of all kinds of products are being charged higher in almost every shop here. But we cannot monitor all day standing.

He said, if we get complaints, we inform the mobile court immediately and they made a penalty to the unfair shopkeepers. He also said license revocation if more than 3 to 4 complaints are filed against a shop.

“I myself very embarrassed about the matter. Although it is not my responsibility to look into the matter. This responsibility is allocated to consumer rights protection and the RAB mobile court. Most often, passengers complain to me about this on mobile phones. I give them the Consumer Rights Protection Directorate and RAB phone number,” told airport railway station in-charge SI Akbar Hossain in a reply to the DailyBangladesh.