Israel links Egypt, UAE, Saudi to demonize Turkey...

Dhaka, Monday   26 October 2020

Israel links Egypt, UAE, Saudi to demonize Turkey; admits Mossad chief

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 Published: 05:22 PM, 24 August 2020   Updated: 07:02 PM, 24 August 2020

Erdugan, Roger Boyes

Erdugan, Roger Boyes

Israel’s intelligent Mossad chief Yossi Cohen considered Turkey as the bigger threat than Iran and that’s why this middle eastern occupant has been in alliance with other neighboring nations like Egypt, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia to check Turkey since 2017, reports The Middle East Monitor according to UK based news media The Times.

The man who is given most public credit for negotiating a groundbreaking deal between Israel and the UAE is the head of Mossad, Yossi Cohen. He has been talking secretly with fellow spooks in the Gulf states for years, pointing out that they shared a common enemy: Iran. But there was one encounter about 20 months ago when he let slip another agenda. “Iranian power is fragile,” he reportedly told spymasters from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the Emirates, “but the real threat is from Turkey,” reported The Times.

Israel has been coordinating with Egypt, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia to demonize Turkey, which Israel’s Mossad Chief Yossi Cohen believes a “bigger threat”.

Roger Boyes wrote for the Sunday Times that Cohen discussed the Turkish threat with intelligence officials from Egypt, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia about two years ago.

“Iranian power is fragile,” Boyes reported Cohen telling officials from the three Arab countries, “but the real threat is from Turkey.”

According to Boyes, Cohen’s point “was not that Iran had ceased to be an existential menace but rather that it could be contained: through sanctions, embargoes, intelligence sharing, and clandestine raids.”

However, “Turkey’s coercive diplomacy, its sloppily calculated risk-taking across the Middle East, posed a different kind of challenge to strategic stability in the eastern Mediterranean.”

Boyes expected the geopolitics of the Middle East to change as a result of the warning as the EU and the US would be more willing to involve themselves if Israel is under threat.