Israel-Palestine conflict: Biden calls for ceasefire...

Dhaka, Sunday   20 June 2021

Israel-Palestine conflict: Biden calls for ceasefire

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 Published: 12:03 PM, 18 May 2021   Updated: 02:46 PM, 18 May 2021

United States President Joe Biden; Photo: Collected

United States President Joe Biden; Photo: Collected

US President Joe Biden has called for a ceasefire after eight days of bloody violence between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza.

According to the BBC, Joe Biden spoke on the phone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday. Biden told Netanyahu that the United States was “working to end hostilities” with Egypt and other countries.

On the other hand, the United States has again “blocked” the resolution brought in by the UN Security Council condemning the Israeli attack on Gaza. For the third time, the United States blocked the condemnation proposal.

Efforts are underway, led by Norway, China and Tunisia, to call for a ceasefire from the Security Council. However, this has not been fruitful due to the opposition of the United States.

A senior official in the Palestinian political party Fatah told Al Jazeera on Monday that they were “disappointed” with the United States. “The positive message sent to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas over the phone by Joe Biden was not being reflected in the UN Security Council,” he said.

A White House statement said Biden called on Israel to take all necessary measures to “ensure the safety of innocent civilians”. Biden and Netanyahu also discussed the progress of the ongoing campaign against Hamas and other terrorist groups in Gaza.

The statement added that President Biden had stated his position in favor of a “ceasefire” and he had discussed his country’s negotiations with Egypt and other allies.

The death toll from Israeli airstrikes in Gaza has risen to 212, including 61 children and 36 women. More than 1,500 Palestinians have been injured in Israeli airstrikes over the past week.

Israel claims that most Palestinians killed in their attacks are “militants” and that the deaths of innocent civilians are unintended. However, Hamas has denied Israel’s foul claim.