Alexa Iranian aircraft carrying 136 people slides onto highway (with video)

Dhaka, Friday   21 February 2020


Iranian aircraft carrying 136 people slides onto highway (with video)

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 Published: 10:23 PM, 27 January 2020   Updated: 10:30 PM, 27 January 2020

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

An Iranian passenger aircraft has skidded on to a highway after landing at airport with 135 people in south-west Iran on Monday. However, fortunately, no casualties occurred in the incident.

Videos from the scene in the Iranian city of Mahshahr show the Caspian Airlines aircraft grounded in the middle of the road, with traffic banked up and pedestrians on either side. The plane, lying flat on its belly, appears largely undamaged.

The Caspian Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-83 was flying there from Tehran.

All 135 people on board were unharmed and evacuated safely, reported semi-official news agency Fars, attributing a spokesman for Iran’s civil aviation agency, Reza Jafarzadeh.- report CNN.

State TV quoted a provincial aviation official as saying that the pilot “landed the aircraft too late and this caused him to miss the runway”.

However, the exact reason of the incident is still under investigation.

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