Alexa Iran targets 35 US-Israeli establs

Dhaka, Friday   28 February 2020


Iran targets 35 US-Israeli establs

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 Published: 12:21 PM, 5 January 2020   Updated: 12:41 PM, 5 January 2020

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Iran has targeted 35 important US and Israeli installations said IRGC commander Gholamali Abu Hamjeh.

The IRGC commander says Iran has long identified important American targets in that area. He did not mention any specific target.

"The United States has 35 installations in the region, and even Tel Aviv is under our attack," he said.

Earlier, Iran has hoisted the ‘Red-flag’ symbol of the war on top of the mosque, prompting retaliation for the killing of General Qasem Soleimani in a US attack. Iran flies a bloody flag on the dome of the holy Jamakaran mosque, the Holy Mosque of the Iranian Qom Province on Saturday.

International media reports that for the first time in history, Iran has raised a bloody- red flag at the Jamakaran mosque. The flag is seen as a pledge to avenge Iran over the United States for the killing of Soleimani.

According to the BBC, he was the main figure behind the rise of Shiite militia groups in countries such as Iraq, Yemen, Syria, and Lebanon for two decades. To counter this, Tehran's regional enemies Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the United States have to overcome huge hurdles. As a result, he was the target of the United States and Israel for a long time.