Alexa Intimate scene of multiple women with Nayan Bond leaked!

Dhaka, Saturday   21 September 2019


Intimate scene of multiple women with Nayan Bond leaked!

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 10:59 AM, 26 July 2019  

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A few videos have been circulating on social media about Nayan Bond for some time now. Some of these porn videos feature scenes are the intimacy of multiple young women with Nayan Bond. Although Nayan’s appearance is clearly understood in these scenes, the appearance of the young woman in his bed is almost obscure. 

Police sources say the IP camera (Internet camera) was installed in a secret location in that particular room of Nayan Bond.

However, once intimate with Nayan, the girl was no longer safe. He repeatedly used to blackmail teenagers by showing those videos. Many young women have been forced to leave college to avoid Nayan’s hands, a police source said.

Many have again tried to release from Nayan with a large sum of money on demand. police have information about more than 12 women became the victims in the hands of Nayan.

Police have not been able to track who or what is spreading these videos through social media after Nayan was killed in the alleged gun battle. Nayan Bond’s home is located at the end of a narrow lane along DKP Road in the city of Barguna. The front of the house is empty.

Many bricks have been brought there recently to build a house. There is a small meeting room next to the main door of Nayan’s house. Mainly Nayan lived there. The door of the house was open till midnight. After wandering here and there all day long, he returned home at night. After 12:00 am, the crowd grew in that room, according to locals.   

It is known that Nayan Bond was a sneak thief at first. At one point, the started to steal girls’ handbags, mobile phones. But later, he entered the drug world and became powerful. For years, Nayan’s upbringing began with the influential people of the district. Only then he did become desperado.

He also used to sit in front of the college and seized college students’ mobile phones. Nayan Bond ran rampages in hostels of the college. 

It is reported that the source of the power of Nayan Bond is not unknown to anyone in the city. At various political meetings, Nayan has seen closely associated with local influencers. The mischievous politicians have used him as a tool in nasty politics.

But Sahida Begum, Nayan’s mother, claimed that Nayan was very talented in education. He also received a scholarship in Talentpool in fifth-grade and eight-grade. He also received good results in SSC. But after entering college, he entered the drug world and lost the speed of education. Sabbir Ahmed Nayan turns to ‘Nayan Bond’. Finally ends his chapter in Crossfire. But there are now many Nayan in Barguna who are out of touch.

An officer of the Barguna police said that the laptop which was recovered from Nayan’s bedroom contained several hundred pornography. The videoes in the laptop is evidence that many local women have become victims of Nayan. Senior officers of the district police are examining the videos.