Interview rejected Shams now YouTube celebrity; Special interview...

Dhaka, Tuesday   27 October 2020

Interview rejected Shams now YouTube celebrity; Special interview

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 Published: 06:59 PM, 21 September 2020   Updated: 02:14 PM, 22 September 2020

YouTuber and content creator Shams Afroz Chowdhury. Photo: Collected

YouTuber and content creator Shams Afroz Chowdhury. Photo: Collected

YouTuber and content creator Shams Afroz Chowdhury who once was rejected from the interview board now is a well-known face on the social media platform and also fully self-sufficient. Besides this, she has earned huge popularity having nearly one million fans and followers. The beginning of this young woman who made short videos and uploaded them on Facebook was not quite well. Today millions of viewers are watching each of her videos, but fans know more or less the ups and downs of Shams.

Today we have arranged a special interview of this rising YouTuber for DailyBangladesh readers.

In 2018, Shams started making short videos and posting them on Facebook. Now that hobby has become a profession. She has become a full-fledged content creator. Shams herself played various roles in the family videos. Shams, Shamsu, Kulsum, Nani, Ma, Baba — besides acting in all the roles, she herself also does video editing. Shams’ favorite character is Shamsu. Shams Afroz has recently given an interview with Daily Bangladesh on various issues.

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Congratulations; The number of followers on your Facebook page has exceeded eight and a half lakh.

Shams Afroz: Thank you.

The story of your beginning is already known to many. So at the beginning I want to know about your present...

Shams Afroz: More or less everyone knows the story of my beginning. I have told in many interviews how I started making my videos to keep my mind well. Although I never imagined that I would get so much popularity and love (in this way). For that I am grateful to all my fans from the beginning till now.

At first, I uploaded very few videos. Because I was busy thinking about building my career in another sector. Currently, I spend all my time on my YouTube channel, Facebook page and video content. In fact, I think the current profession is much more honorable. And as much love and respect, as I have received from people, it is really a great reward for me.

But in the beginning, many people looked at the matter with bitter eyes. If you could just say that ...

Shams Afroz: Honestly, there has been no criticism of me or my video so far. On the contrary, I have been getting a lot of support from millions of people so far. But yes, some people close to me try to be very sarcastic when I start. Even trying to stop me. I had the strong support of my mother, husband and my fans. I did not stop because of them.

There are many characters in your video. Sometimes Shamsu Bhai, sometimes Kulsum, Nani, or Ammazan. Are these characters around you?

Shams Afroz: Every character is not just mine, but all around us. There are many such characters in the house of Bengali including Ammajan, Shamsu Bhai, Shams, Kulsum. I try to make fun of our real-life events. I make videos with the whole of Bangladesh in mind; So that the people of the country can match the video I made with their own lives.

Which of these characters is your own favorite?

Shams Afroz: Honestly, my Shamsu character is very likened. Sometimes I think if I really would have such a brother! I don't have any siblings, so I become very wailing seeing Shamsu.

You've been making videos for a long time. I want to know any interesting experience with these videos.

Shams Afroz: Let me share an interesting experience. Once, I was shooting Ammazan on my veranda. Outside at that time, two college students were shouting – Ammazan! Ammazan, when they were on a rickshaw! At first, I was scared, then I fell so fun in this.

Say something for those who want to be content creators?

Shams Afroz: It is possible to earn good money by creating content, but for that, you have to be regular. Creativity is very important. You have to be diligent with that. Work must be done with love, then success will come.

Say something to the fans?

Shams Afroz: In fact, I would like to say one thing for the fans and well-wishers that they have loved me from the beginning till now. Now just pray for me so I can give you more quality content.