International Men’s Day today...

Dhaka, Friday   22 January 2021

International Men’s Day today

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 10:35 AM, 19 November 2020   Updated: 02:17 PM, 19 November 2020



International Men’s Day is one of the many days in the world. Many may have never heard of a day called “Men’s Day” because the day is not celebrated with various arrangements like Women’s Day. The day comes very quietly.

International Men’s Day is celebrated on 19 November every year. The day is celebrated every year as a major occasion to promote gender equality, ensure the health of boys and men and promote a positive image of men worldwide.

This year, the theme of the day is — “Better health for men and boys”. 

23 February was the first day to celebrate Men’s Day. But Russia had already set the date for the “Red Army and Navy Day”. As a result, it was decided to celebrate Men’s Day on 19 November.  

World War I ended a few years before 1922. “Red Army and Navy Day” was observed in the Soviet Union to pay tribute to the soldiers killed in that war and to inspire the male race. The day was observed to pay homage to the heroism and sacrifice of men in society.

A number of issues were emphasized as the goals and purpose of the day — raising health awareness of boys, adolescents and men, promoting gender relations, promoting gender equality, highlighting the importance of positive role models among men, raising awareness against various reforms and prejudices against men and celebrating the achievements and contributions of the boys.

Another goal of the day is to highlight the contribution of men in society, family, marriage and child care.

The day is celebrated in more than 70 countries around the world every year. These countries include the United States, United Kingdom, China, Canada, India, Pakistan, Croatia, Jamaica, Cuba, Scotland, Singapore, Malta, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Ukraine, etc. However, the day is celebrated on a small scale in Bangladesh.