Innovative protest of house owner against hydraulic horn...

Dhaka, Saturday   24 October 2020

Innovative protest of house owner against hydraulic horn

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 04:08 PM, 19 September 2020   Updated: 04:09 PM, 19 September 2020

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

It is the eternal nature of human beings to protest when they see any inconsistency or irregularity. The way of protest varies from man to man. Recently an innovative protest has been seen in the capital demanding relief from hydraulic horn.

Dhaka dwellers have been annoyed by the hydraulic horn of the vehicle for a long time. Many have protested against such sound pollution many times. But the city dwellers did not get any effective solution. This time a man has been found protesting against this on the wall of his building.

The man has set a banner on his building, which reads, “O Allah, I want relief from the torment of hydraulic horn – Ameen”

Seeing the nature of this protest, many have supported it. Again, some people also have fun watching the matter.