India turns off lights for nine minutes...

Dhaka, Sunday   31 May 2020

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India turns off lights for nine minutes

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 Published: 11:13 PM, 5 April 2020  

India turns off lights for nine minutes

India turns off lights for nine minutes

Millions of Indian people switched off non-essential lights and lit candles in their balconies and verandas on Sunday night following a call this week from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to "challenge the darkness spread by the coronavirus crisis".

Modi made the request in a video message to the nation on Friday morning to remind all.

"On April 5, Sunday, at 9 pm, I want 9 minutes from all of you. Turn off all the lights in your homes, stand at your doors or balconies and light candles, lamp or mobile flashlights for 9 minutes," Modi said in a video message this morning.

Indian Prime Minister asserted that no one must endanger to battle against the highly contagious virus by gathering on roads. "Please do not go out on to the roads, lanes or your localities, do it at the doorstep or balconies of your own homes. One must never cross the boundary of social distancing. The only way to break the chain of coronavirus is to maintain social distancing," he said.

"We must all together, challenge the darkness spread by the coronavirus crisis, introducing it to the power of light. No one is alone during the lockdown, the collective superpower of 130 crore Indians is with every citizen." 

The hospital, police station and other emergency services are out of the challenge at 9 pm. Power System Operation Corporation Ltd said that if the lights of the country turned off for 2-4 minutes, the cost of electricity will be reduced by 12-13 GW in one push.