India records in daily figures see deadliest day with 3,982 death...

Dhaka, Saturday   12 June 2021

India records in daily figures, sees deadliest day with 3,982 deaths

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 Published: 10:09 AM, 6 May 2021   Updated: 11:03 AM, 6 May 2021

India has been at the top of the world for more than three weeks in terms of daily coronavirus infections and deaths. The country witnessed the highest number of deaths and the record number of infections in a single day due to the pandemic.

The number of Covid-19 cases in the country has recorded 412,618 while 3,982 people died from the pandemic in 24 hours – the highest single-day record in the world. 

Maharashtra tops the list. A record of 920 people died in a day while more than 7,000 people have been detected with the coronavirus in the state.

The capital, Delhi, also has seen more than 400 deaths a day, with more than 18,000 fresh virus cases.

About 80 percent of the country’s total infections occur in 12 states and union territories. In India, the total death toll from Covid-19 has soared 230,151.

The number of infections and deaths every day in India is surpassing previous records. Many people have died due to severe oxygen shortages. Crowds have fallen at the morgue and crematorium. 

Due to lack of space in the crematorium, mass funerals have been organized in several states including Delhi. A mass grave has been dug and a temporary crematorium has been built to burn the bodies. Muslims are also cooperating in burying bodies forgetting caste and religion.

Experts warn that the coronavirus situation in India will worsen this month, especially the second wave of the virus likely to hit on May 7. During this, the number of “deaths may exceed 5,000 and infections will be recorded” in a day.