India, Pakistan face the worst locust attack in decades...

Dhaka, Tuesday   14 July 2020

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India, Pakistan face the worst locust attack in decades

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 Published: 11:56 PM, 30 May 2020  

India, Pakistan face the worst locust attack in decades

India, Pakistan face the worst locust attack in decades

India and Pakistan have suffered major setbacks due to locust attacks in decades. As a result, both countries are in a devastating state.

Millions of dollars worth of crops have been damaged by locust attacks in both countries. As a result, the fear of a food crisis has seen there strongly.

Pakistan's government says it is the worst infestation in more than 20 years.

Haji Abdul Hamid, a farmer in Pakistan, said many of his crops were destroyed by locusts attack. As a result, he had to face a loss of several thousand dollars. “I’ve spent my whole life creating these fields, but these insects have put an end to all of me,” he added.

According to the United Nations, locust attacks will cost Pakistan billions of dollars. The Pakistani government is using the plane to spray pesticides to control locusts.

Lieutenant General Mohammad Afzal, an official of the country's National Disaster Management Authority, said, "We are currently using a total of nine aircraft for spraying pesticides. We are looking for 6 more aircraft and I am sure we will able to overcome these locusts attack coming from Iran, Moscow and Africa."

According to experts, climate change is making locusts more dangerous.

Locusts have also spread terribly in India. Different states are facing losses. It has also spread to Madhya Pradesh. The country is spraying pesticides to control locusts and save crops.

"If the locusts stay here for more than seven days, they will start laying eggs," said Indian government official Preeti Bishe. As a result, the situation will become direr for us, She added.