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Dhaka, Tuesday   17 September 2019


Immortal sayings of Bangabandhu

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 Published: 01:30 PM, 15 August 2019  

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The name that is most directly engaged with Bangladesh is Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. He won the hearts of billions of people, coming from a middle-class family, through various ups and downs of life. The words of the Father of the Nation are also immortal as himself. Today, here we are presenting to you some of his great quotes from his political life:

  • “My greatest strength is the love for my people, my greatest weakness is that I love them too much.”

  • “As we have already learned how to sacrifice our own lives, now no one can stop us!”

  • “The struggle this time is the struggle for our emancipation. The struggle this time is the struggle for independence”.

  • “Who is ready to die, no one can kill him.”

  • “The world is divided into two halves, the oppressed and the oppressors. I am with the oppressed”.

  • “If he does his duty wherever he is, there can be no chaos in the country.”

  • “Monks have no respect. The country cannot be formed by begging from abroad. You have to make money within the country.”

  • “As a man, what concerns mankind concerns me. As a Bengalee, I am deeply involved in all that concerns Bengalees. This abiding involvement is born of and nourished by love, enduring love, which gives meaning to my politics and my very being”

  • “I would like to say categorically and unequivocally that, our country will be a democratic, secular and socialist country. In this country, the laborers, peasants, Hindus, and Muslim all will be living in peace and harmony”.

  • “We do not believe in Islam of labeling/show off. We believe in Islam of Insaaf-justice. Our Islam is the Islam of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)-Islam that taught the world the mystical formula of reasoning and justice”.

  • “I will sacrifice my life if necessary to eliminate all injustice, injustice, and exploitation from the country.”

  • “My peasants are not corrupt. My laborers are not corrupt. Who takes bribe then? Who carries out black marketing? Who serves as foreign agent? Who does money laundering? Who does hoarding/stockpiling? It is us, the 5% educated people. The bribe-takers and corrupts are amongst us 9 the 5% educated people). We must change our characters and purify our souls”.

  • “When you play with a gentleman, you play like a gentleman. But when you play with bastards, make sure you play like a bigger bastard. Otherwise, you will lose.”

  • “Life is too short Keep this in mind. Neither I nor you will carry anything except clothes a few yards after death. So, why would you exploit people, torture people?”

  • “If there is no Bengali nationalism, the existence of our freedom will be endangered.”