Illiteracy curses half in Sylhet...

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Illiteracy curses half in Sylhet

 Sylhet Correspondent

 Published: 06:07 PM, 8 September 2018   Updated: 06:07 PM, 8 September 2018

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International Literacy Day is celebrated across the country on Saturday with the slogan ‘Build Literacy, Make Life Smarter’. With a remarkable progress in education, at present literacy rate in Bangladesh is 72.9 percent while there is only 51% percent in Sylhet area.

According to the Educational Bureau of Sylhet, the literacy rate in the Sylhet area was 48 percent last year. Government and NGOs launched various formal programs across the area to develop its literacy level during the year passed, and now it reaches 51 percent. Still, more than 49 percent of the total people of the area are illiterate.

it is learned that there are three main causes have been found behind the situation of the expatriate known region, those are: the first is, most people goes abroad for earnings, and the second is working in the Tea gardens due to having under poverty level most. And another one is that having Howrah region, it remains submerged as well as water surrounded during most eight months of a whole year.

Educational Bureau of Sylhet informed that those reasons are responsible for illiteracy of the region most.

Sylhet Sub-formal Education Bureau informed, that major portion of the illiterate people are tea garden worker, remote village dwellers, and expatriates.

On the other hand literacy progress is only 3% in a year, is not a good news at least.

On the issue, Jamil Hammed, a school teacher commented that various aspects of government’s initiatives couldn’t meet the success due to lack of appropriate planning.

Md. Nazrul Islam, Director of Sub-formal Education Bureau said, “Literacy rate has been increased 3% more in the area comparable to the year last.”

“Overlooking existed the wrong idea, people are gaining literacy knowledge. We are trying for a long time to develop literacy among the people of the area; different NGOs are working along with the government,” he added.

Additional DC(Education & ICT) Shah Muhammad Shahedul Haq said, “Statistics show that literacy level in this area is lower, but the government is working relentlessly to increase it, various projects have been launched in Sylhet as well.”

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