Illegal weapons imported in the name of shooting...

Dhaka, Monday   26 October 2020

Illegal weapons imported in the name of shooting

 SI Rasel

 Published: 08:29 PM, 4 September 2020   Updated: 03:22 PM, 12 September 2020

Illegal weapons imported in the name of shooting

Illegal weapons imported in the name of shooting

Shooting is one of the popular sport in the country. Shooters have brought a lot of fame and awards for the country. Shooter Atiq-Nini-Rinki-Sabrina-Asif-Baki have gained fame for the country and raised the flag of red-blew in the world stage. Today the event is on the decrepit state. Illegal weapons are being imported in the name of the Bangladesh Shooting Sports Federation. So the federation formed a three-member investigation committee. Secretary general of the federation Intekhabul Hamid Opu is believed to involve in this illegal business.

Conflict between President and Secretary General:

The shooters had to face the National Board of Revenue (NBR) over bringing arms to the country. Conflict is visible between the President of Bangladesh Shooting Sports Federation Nazim Uddin Chowdhury and Secretary General Intekhabul Hamid Opu over importing arms. Shooters believe that due to the conflict between the president and the secretary general, shooting federation is passing such a bad time today.

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Formation of the inquiry committee on the basis of allegations: 

With the consent of the executive committee of the federation, a three members investigation committee was formed with joint secretary of government Hosne Ara Begum, the first woman DIG of police Yasmin Gafur and joint secretary general of the federation Ziauddin Ahmed. 

The investigation committee has found numerous inconsistencies against Intekhabul Hamid Opu, secretary general of the federation. It is said that he is managing the activities of the federation with a single decision without a meeting of the executive committee. That is why the country's shooting is at serious risk.
What the investigation report says: 

The committee has submitted the report to the president of the federation Nazim Uddin Chowdhury after investigating for almost five months.

According to the report, he took an advance of Tk 1.30 crore from various rifle clubs and shooting clubs in the country without informing the executive committee to import arms and ammunition which has been spent in other sectors. Weapons or ammunition stores are not verified. He had a locked trunk in the Federation's store, but no list was given that is kept here. 

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Undocumented weapons are being sold through multiple unconstitutionally recruited officers and employees. The Secretary General's business organization Delco Business Associates has shown expenses of Tk 1.9 crore to buy 10 electronic target changers for the modernization of the 10-meter range. The cost of each changer installed in the shooting federation has been estimated at Tk 26 lakh. The same changer has been installed again at a cost of Tk 6 lakh 33 thousand.

Illegal weapons import into the country:

Investigation committee sources said the national shooters bought new weapons along with their used weapons on their way back to the country from abroad. These weapons were brought by customs evasion and later these weapons were sold to others at higher prices.

The shooters who participated in the 13th South Asian Games held in Nepal in December last year participated with 4 air rifles of Walther Company's LG 400 model KBA 5799, KBA 2732, KBA 2234, and KBA 8591 serial.

The shooters also participated in last year's Suzuki Ninth National Airgun Championship with 4 air rifles of Walther Company's LG 400 model KBA 2245, KBA 3000, KBA 2234, and KBA 2269 serial which was not imported from the federation.

The information of these air rifles is not in the documents of the Shooting Federation. The import policy of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Commerce was not followed in importing these weapons. Many are speculating that the weapons could be used in criminal activities in the future.

Illegal arms buyer's statement:

The investigation report blames the federation's secretary general, saying the weapons brought with the shooting team were sold at a high price. Some buyers of the weapons told the inquiry committee in written that seven Walther air rifle shooting teams were brought to the country using VIP lounges on their way back from the World Cup in Germany in May 2017. 

Irregularities of arms warehouses registrar book:

The investigation committee has found massive irregularities by searching the books and weapons of the registrar of arms warehouses of the Shooting Federation. In the registrar's book, 1,126 LOpuya super shots have been mysteriously overstated. The stock registrar's book of the warehouse shows the sale of 40 bullets of 12 bore on March 18, 2012. No receipt for the sale of these bullets is recorded in the stock registrar's book.

According to the registrar's book of 2017, there is no calculation of 20 bullets weighing 33 grams and 75 bullets weighing 42 grams of RCO Special. The committee of inquiry has irregularities over the registration of the warehouse weapons and ammunition.

In the last few years, Tk 25 lakh expenses had shown in the name of contracting, event management, replacing old ACs, buying new ACs, running Facebook.

Training in Germany despite objections: 

Despite objections from the training committee, he was repeatedly sent shooters to Germany for mysterious reasons. One thing is noteworthy - Secretary-General Intekhabul Hamid Opu is a Bangladeshi agent of German company Walther and Merino Company. And so he repeatedly sent his favorite shooters to Germany for training. There are also allegations that rifles were repeatedly sent to Germany for training.

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

He has submitted his candidature for the election of the executive committee of the Asian Shooting Confederation without the approval of the executive committee. Again, despite the decision of the executive committee, the APA did not conduct training activities at the grassroots level.

Impact of Invisible Power:

There are many more such irregularities in the 50-page investigation report against Secretary General Intekhabul Hamid Opu. Even then, he is still in-charge of shooting federation due to some invisible force. It is even heard that he is trying to break the elected committee to form an ad-hoc committee.

National and State Security at Threat:

Experts believe if the weapons are used in illegal activities it could be fatally harmful to the country or the state.

Regarding the investigation report, Shooting Federation President Nazim Uddin Chowdhury said, I have received the report of the investigation committee. The report has been sent to the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Besides, investigation reports on arms and ammunition have been sent to the Home Ministry. I hope the ministry will take action as per the report.

Denial of all allegations by the Secretary General: 

Shooting Federation Secretary General Intekhabul Hamid was not found despite calling several times and sending SMS.

However, when the inquiry committee asked the secretary general for a statement on the investigation, he submitted a 4-page statement to the inquiry committee which came to Daily Bangladesh. Where he denied all allegations against him.

In the 10 point investigation against him, he has given an explanation like his own which has been submitted to the chairman of the inquiry committee.