Illegal birds hunting on the rise in Goalanda...

Dhaka, Sunday   29 November 2020

Illegal birds hunting on the rise in Goalanda

 Goalanda (Rajbari) Correspondent

 Published: 04:39 PM, 29 October 2020  

Selling these birds in the markets is a very common scenario in Goalanda

Selling these birds in the markets is a very common scenario in Goalanda

Birds are being hunted freely in various chars, canals, and rivers of Padma River in Goalanda upazila of Rajbari. Professional hunters don’t pay any heed to the law here. After hunting these birds, they are bringing these to the market to sell them.

It is learned that due to the flood waters, various chars have risen in the Padma river in Goalanda. And the chars have become echoing for the chirping of innumerable birds. Apart from this, various kinds of birds can be seen in the rivers and canals of the upazila. In addition, numerous guest birds are expected to join them in the coming winter.

Meanwhile, professional hunters, including amateur bird hunters, have now become active in hunting these birds. Although bird hunting is a punishable offense under the Wildlife Conservation Act, they continue to hunt birds without heeding the law.

Hunters are bringing these birds to market to sell them publicly. However, most of the professional hunters are known to be from Pabna and Sirajganj districts.

Mokshed Pramanik of Kashinathpur upazila of Pabna, who came to sell birds at Goalanda Bazar, said a lot of birds were found in the river and char areas at the time. They are hunting and selling birds in the char area of the Padma river.

Md Sirajul Haque, Rajbari District Forest Department Range Officer, said that the importance of birds in maintaining the balance of nature and enhancing natural beauty is immense. There is a provision of six months to two years imprisonment for bird hunting in the Wildlife Conservation Act. Measures will be taken soon to stop bird hunting.