Identified new virus strain in India more frightening: AIIMS...

Dhaka, Monday   01 March 2021

Identified new virus strain in India more frightening: AIIMS

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 Published: 03:41 PM, 22 February 2021  



A new strain of coronavirus has recently been identified in India. “It was more frightening than other types,” said Randeep Guleria, head of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

The presence of this new strain has been matched in Amravati and Akola in Maharashtra. Randeep Guleria said “the immunity will not last long” the immunity will not last long” in the case of new strains.

“As 80 percent of the total population of India needs to produce antibodies to fight the virus, this new strain is scarier and more contagious than the previous one,” he also said.

Even people who have developed antibodies after being infected are at risk of re-infection, Randeep Guleria said about the new Covid-19 strain. 

It is still unknown how effective the vaccine will be in the case of new strains – because changing the character of the virus raises questions about the effectiveness of existing vaccines. So even if anyone gets vaccinated, there is a risk of getting infected. 

However, experts still think that vaccination is important. Randeep Guleria expressed optimism that even if the vaccine could not prevent the infection, the effects would not be so “harmful”. However, he suggested regular data collection to see if the vaccine could be adapted to the new character of the strain.