‘I do not want coronavirus in Bangladesh, so I will not return’...

Dhaka, Sunday   25 October 2020

‘I do not want coronavirus in Bangladesh, so I will not return’

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 Published: 11:02 AM, 29 January 2020   Updated: 12:36 PM, 29 January 2020

Barna Siddiqui

Barna Siddiqui

Barna Siddiqui, a Bangladeshi student living in Kunming city has decided not to return to the country where most of the Bangladeshis stuck in China are eager to return home in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic.

In a video message, she highlighted the situation in China and told not to return home. She also talked about the current situation in China.

“I will not go to Bangladesh for the benefit of the country at this juncture,” she said. “Because it is difficult to say who is the infected one. 

“The virus will remain in place for 14 days after its infected and will not show any symptoms. There are now thousands of Bangladeshis in China. We do not know who got infected. If we go back to this country, then the virus can spread to the country without knowing.” 

“So I will die here alone. I will not allow the virus to spread in Bangladesh. I think I should stay in China in the interest of the country now,” she said
Barna Siddiqui also said, “The virus is very contagious. It causes rapid expansion. I do not want this disease spread in my family in Bangladesh. I do not want to go to Bangladesh at this time. Whatever my parents say. I’m not coming.”

She said “the media was unaware of the horror that has plagued China with the coronavirus. I have learned through my Chinese friends that the number of people infected from the virus in China is very high which is not reported in the media worldwide. The Chinese government does not want people to be worried about the virus.”

“The virus has affected the Chinese economy as well,” said Siddiqui. “The raw vegetable is not available in any Chinese market already. Nothing but dry food is available.”

The video message of Barna Siddiqui: