Husband’s name ‘Hospital’ in voter list; wife becomes senseless...

Dhaka, Sunday   28 February 2021

Husband’s name ‘Hospital’ in voter list; wife becomes senseless

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 Published: 12:07 PM, 26 January 2020  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

All we know that hospital is a health care institution providing patient treatment with specialized medical and nursing staff and medical equipment. Do you think any person's name could be 'Hospital'? The question is from Unzilla Bibi. Her husband has been named 'Domcal Hospital' in the voter list. The woman had become senseless after seeing this.  

The incident took place in Bablabona, Murshidabad, India. The woman has been living in Ramna Sheikhpara of Domkal with family. Although her husband's name is Matiur Sheikh, "Domcal Hospital" has been written on the voter ID.  

In the villages along the border of Murshidabad, there are much wrong information on the voter ID as well as Aadhaar cards.
In many cards, pictures of the women are next to the male name. Again, photo of the male is above the name of a woman. People from these villages have been facing severe trouble for this. 

Unzila Bibi said, "I was not ready to see the name. Earlier, name of the area was wrong on the card. After correction, now I see that my husband's name is "Domcal Hospital" instead of Matiur Sheikh."

Domcal's Deputy Commissioner Sandeep Ghosh said, "We have nothing to do about Aadhaar card.