Hungarian banks, telecoms services retarded by cyber attack ...

Dhaka, Saturday   31 October 2020

Hungarian banks, telecoms services retarded by cyber attack 

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 Published: 02:15 AM, 28 September 2020   Updated: 02:16 AM, 28 September 2020

Photo: Reuters

Photo: Reuters

The telecoms firm Magyar Telekom MTEL.BU of Hungary said on Saturday that a few number of Hungarian banking and telecommunication services were briefly disrupted by a powerful cyber attack on Thursday, launching from computer servers in Russia, China and Vietnam- Reuters reported.    

The Thursday’s cyber attack was a distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, such a cyber attack in which in order to paralyse a network the hackers make attempt to flood it  with unusually high volumes of data traffic. 

According to the company statement, the attack had 10 times higher volume of data traffic than the amount usually seen in DDoS events.

“That means that this was one of the biggest hacker attacks in Hungary ever, both in its size and complexity,” the company made its remarks.

“Russian, Chinese and Vietnamese hackers tried to launch a DDoS attack against Hungarian financial institutions, but they tried to overwhelm the networks of Magyar Telekom as well,” the company’s statement included statement.

The attack, taking place in several waves, crumbled up the services of some of the country’s banks and made lapses in Magyar Telekom’s services in certain parts of the capital Budapest, before being prevented by the company. 

Meanwhile, Hungarian bank OTP Bank OTPB.BU confirmed it had been affected by the attack.

“There was a DDoS attack on telecom systems serving some of the banking services on Thursday,” the bank said.

“We repelled the attempt together with Telekom that was also affected and the short disruption in some of our services ended by Thursday afternoon.”