Alexa Humayun Ahmed alive through his speeches

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Humayun Ahmed alive through his speeches

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 Published: 04:29 PM, 19 July 2019  

Humayun Ahmed, a speech-magician who had possessed the power to impress people by speech. He has created individuality of himself by his writing, character making, and story-dialogue. Because of his sense of humor, his writings have easily convinced the reader's mind. Presence of various type of people is the most attractive thing of his story. Many of his dialogues in the novel are now famous quotes.

Humayun Ahmed’s some famous quotes are -

* Every woman’s call can be ignored in the world but we don’t have the power to ignore mother’s call.

* Every person brings an Aladin's lamp on his birth. But few people are able to awake the sleeping monster from that lamp.

* Sudden fall in love is not a very good thing. Glamorous girls do not have to fall in love. Others will fall in love with them and it is the rules.


* Almost everyone on this earth falls in love with people of contrasting nature.

* Most of the people are beautiful in imagination and when they are not close. Closeness decreases the attraction. People are all the same. The less you know about someone, the better the person is.

* Like the sea, there are ups and downs in human life also. That’s the only the similarity between sea and human life.

* Shy people can’t talk about their mind. Crazy people can do this and for this reason they might very happy.

* Girls do not like pretty man, they like careless man most.

* All the girls in the world have a miraculous power. If a man falls in love with her, the girl immediately understands it. Men do not have the power. If a girl says to her ear, “Listen, I am in severe pain. I'm to die’’. Even then men do not understand. He thinks it could be the pain of appendicitis!

* Telling lie is the marriage of devil. Being married means getting children. After telling a lie, many other lies have to be said because of this. The next lies are the children of the devil.

* In marriage and death so-called relatives could be seen. It seems social bonding and heartiest relations among them.

* Girl's mind is the most sensitive thing in the world. This mind accepts many difficult issues easily, but it cannot easily accept many simple things.

* Besides many great qualities girls have the qualities of writing letters. The most cluttered girl is also very organized in letter writing. There is another thing in the letter of girls - sadness. Even in the letter written with the most joyful news, they know how to add sadness. It is not right that they willingly do that. Nature has given them the gloominess in their character and that reflects in the letter.

* The girls do not forget to keep makeup perfect in horrific disaster also.