How whales commit suicide?...

Dhaka, Monday   14 June 2021

How whales commit suicide?

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 Published: 03:36 PM, 27 April 2021   Updated: 03:45 PM, 27 April 2021

Whales can’t accept the grief of losing a partner, they choose the path of suicide

Whales can’t accept the grief of losing a partner, they choose the path of suicide

Research is underway after two dead whales were washed ashore on the beach in Cox’s Bazar recently. Fish hunters for the deaths of these whales. Another group blamed water pollution. However, in the end, new information came up in the research of fish researchers. They believed that the “two whales were a couple” and the male whale was hit by a large ship. Unable to bear the grief of her partner’s death, the female whale chose the path of “suicide”. 

Whales are mammals with sense and intelligence. Whales like to be mated together. Male and female whales do not leave each other – when one is injured, another gives full support all the time which is the instinct of a whale. 

Whether whales commit suicide when their partner dies or whether everyone in the herd commits suicide when their leader dies – is still unresolved among scientists, however, many asked questions – how a whale commits suicide?

A giant whale was washed up on the beach at Darianagar Himchari Point in Cox’s Bazar, Chattogram, Bangladesh on April 9, 2021

An incident was mentioned in a report by the television network National Geographic. It is said that dolphins, whales, or other marine animals come up to the sea to breathe at a certain time. Again, they go much deeper into the sea for hunting. They can even go down a kilometer to catch prey. But whales gradually become weaker when their “balance is disturbed or they fail to breathe properly”. At that time, they started coming towards the beach with the tide and got stuck on the beach and faced certain death. Even the whale died due to failure to breathe “for illness”. Half of the world’s whale deaths are caused by beach trips.

Frightened by the death of the team leader, they came ashore and committed suicide

The term “whale suicide” is 2,000 years old – from Aristotle’s time. In 2015, scientists found 337 dead whales in Patagonia, southern Chile – which is still considered by scientists to be the biggest suicide of whales. Also a few years ago in New Zealand, about 300 whales committed suicide in a day. After they washed up to the beach, the locals tried hard but could not send them to sea.

About 100 whales came ashore in Tamil Nadu, India, a few years ago. The fishermen pushed hard and sent them back to the sea, but they came back again. After leaving those at sea at night, it was seen that all of them came back and died in the morning.

The 300 whales that were washed up at the beach in New Zealand, the locals sent them back to sea, but in the next day, they found those on the beach in death state.

Scientists believe that if a whale gets stuck on the shore, they send a signal to the sea. To save their partner, the whales came and got stuck. Fishermen or local people try to send them out to sea, but they keep coming back to shore until they saved their mate, resulting in the death of most of the whales.