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How to cook meat faster

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 Published: 10:44 PM, 18 August 2019  

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You have to wire when cooking meat? Whether it be cows or mutton! Because the meat is not cooked easily, many people try to cook for a short time but they don’t. No worries, you have to use the technique to cook the meat in a short time. See how to cook meat fast-

If you want to cook meat very easily, mix raw papaya paste before cooking. Chop it with a raw papaya peel. Peace of papaya slices from the blender. Blend it with half a teaspoon of salt, a little water and a tablespoon of soybean oil. Papaya is a type of ingredient that helps to soften meat cells.

Put one tablespoon of raw papaya paste in one kg of meat and leave it for one hour before cooking. The meat will be cooked very quickly.

You can also save this paste if desired. Place the paste in a deep fridge in an ice-free tray or in a closed bowl. If you want to store in an ice-free tray, wrap the tray with thin polythene before placing it in the refrigerator. Raw papaya paste will be good for 2 to 3 months.