How much salt needed to lose weight?

Dhaka, Thursday   02 April 2020


How much salt needed to lose weight?

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 Published: 09:11 PM, 16 February 2020  

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All health-conscious people think that salt plays a role in weight gain though experts say that the idea that salt increases weight is not entirely true.

Although many people reduce taking salt in order to lose weight as it is believed that salt increases the amount of water in the body. But in reality, it is not true in controlling the weight even for those who suffer from hypertension, can eat salt. But it must be eaten to a certain extent.

There a question may exist that how much salt can a person consume if he wants to lose weight? Let's find out –

A healthy person can eat one teaspoon of salt daily though it is better to use salt in cooking without eating raw salt. When you buy salt, you must notice that whether it is written iodized on the packet or not.

Sodium deficiency occurs in the body due to lack of salt that causes the low blood pressure, dizziness and other physical problems. Therefore, do not completely eliminate salt from your daily diet list.

Foods like bread, chips, cheeses, sauces, etc. contain salt, as you eat these foods, keep in mind the amount of salt.

Besides, if you maintain the gym or have kidney problems, consult a dietician to determine the amount of salt in the diet