How 2 19 for Sheikh Hasina

Dhaka, Tuesday   18 June 2019

How 2019 for Sheikh Hasina

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 Published: 07:55 PM, 29 December 2018   Updated: 10:05 PM, 29 December 2018

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Daily Bangladesh Desk

The year 2018 ended with lots of acquisition and success of the Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. And more successes are waiting for her in next year. Let us look at Western astrology how will be 2019 for Sheikh Hasina.

Sheikh Hasina's birth date is September 28; she is of Libra, the moon and zodiac sign in the beginning of the year; happy planet Jupiter and Mercury are standing in the Scorpion, Mars has a vision to Libra. As a result 2019 will be considered as a happy and important year for the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

It is expected that Sheikh Hasina will take charge of post-election government. Her popularity will increase. In the international arena, her reputation and status will remain intact.

Political opponents, or enemies, can carry out their diverse activities for the sake of reproach. But their efforts are more likely to result in failure.

This year the Prime Minister has more than one chance to visit abroad.

Prime Minister's health can be fairly well. There must be enough cautions about the safety of the Prime Minister. The fear of an incident such as security interference cannot be completely erased. She can often get tired of body-health due to excessive physical and mental effort.

The Prime Minister can be awarded or honor this year.