House of One: Three creeds under one roof...

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House of One: Three creeds under one roof

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 Published: 12:52 PM, 6 November 2020   Updated: 02:30 PM, 6 November 2020

House of One; Photo: Collected

House of One; Photo: Collected

A huge complex with three buildings side by side – a mosque for Muslims in the middle, Christian Church to the left and Synagogue for Jewish. After completing their respective prayers, the people of these three religions will come out through one gate. People of three religions will meet at this gate.

A tri-religious worship complex is being built in Petriplatz, known as the heart of Berlin, Germany. The proposed worship complex is being dubbed the ‘House of One’. 

According to a report by Deutsche Welle (DW), the construction is expected to be completed in 2021 after long preparations. If the complex is built, it will be the world’s first tri-religious monastery.

Mosques, churches and synagogues under one roof!

It is learned that for almost a decade, representatives of three monotheistic religions have been discussing the construction of a single shrine. 

Roland Stolte, administrative director of the House of One Foundation, said the construction would begin in January next year in the heart of Berlin’s old city. “The project has been delayed for several reasons in the last few years. The construction work was delayed again due to the COVID pandemic,” he added.

Three entrepreneurs

Berlin Mayor Michael Müller heads a 20-member board of trustees to construct the building. Besides representatives of the three religions, the board includes the director-general of the Humboldt Forum, the director of the Jewish Museum, the director of the German Theater, and the president of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation. They think that this building will play a significant role as a combination of culture and religion.


The site chosen for the building housed a church called the Patriarchs for 600 years. The place is empty after it was destroyed. Now an initiative has been taken to build a single shrine of three religions in the place of the church. A central living room will be surrounded by mosques, churches and synagogues. The 40-meter-high building will cost 43.5 million euros or about Tk 432 crore.