Alexa Hong Kong protesters take street again

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Hong Kong protesters take street again

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 Published: 11:21 PM, 28 July 2019  

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Anti-government protesters have taken place on streets again in Hong Kong. Disregarding the police's restrictions they took position on all important roads of the city. Police have clashed with the protesters to prevent them. So the country's highway is now on fire.

In addition to heavy baton charges, police also fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters to suppress them, the BBC reports. Several protesters were injured in the clash.

On Sunday, police warned regarding protesters outside the park, despite allowing protesters to rally at Chater Garden. But they violated the ban and started protesting all over the city.

After the umbrella and black dress in hand, the protesters were moving towards the commercial area of the city. When the police stopped them, it turned into a collision and later spread to the whole city.

The United States flags were also seen in many of the protesters, according to Reuters.

Earlier on Saturday, police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at another demonstration by Democrats in Yuen Long, north of the city.

For seven weeks, the semi-autonomous region of China has been inundated with protests by anti-government democracies. Although known as one of the safest cities in the world, Hong Kong has recently witnessed violent protests with police in several steps.

The protests were triggered by opposition to a bill that would allow Hong Kong residents to be sent to the main part of China for trial.

When the bill is passed, critics fear that China will exploit it in the hands of Hong Kong political activists.

In the face of continuous protests, Hong Kong's regional government halted its plans to pass the bill, but protesters are not happy with it. They are demanding the resignation of Hong Kong CEO Carrie Lam, as well as investigating the bill altogether and investigating violence with police.