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Homemade natural ‘Body Lotion’

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 Published: 11:06 PM, 14 December 2019  

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In this dry weather body lotion is the ultimate solution to keep skin moisturizing. But in the market so-called lotion is available which made by various harmful chemicals. These are responsible for various skin allergies.

So why do not we use the lotion? Lotion can be made at home very easily. It seems surprising to the readers that homemade lotion! Yes, this natural homemade lotion is very healthy for the skin. It is made of some natural ingredients which we have in our home.


Half cup of coconut oil, one cup of cocoa butter, half cup of jojoba oil. You can also use Amanda oil or olive oil instead of jojoba oil.


Put coconut oil, cocoa butter, and jojoba oil on a light heat together on an oven. When all the ingredients are mixed together, refrigerate it. Be aware that it must be taken out before it is fully frozen. Then blend the mixture in a blender or doing shake until the white foam is visible. Then your body lotion will be prepared for use. Now preserves it in a clean container.

This homemade lotion can be applied 4 to 5 times a day. Both men and women can use it.

You can also make a similar lotion with the same amount of honey and coconut oil. You can use this lotion throughout the winter.