Homemade honey hair masks for healthy hair...

Dhaka, Wednesday   14 April 2021

Homemade honey hair masks for healthy hair

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 Published: 02:34 PM, 5 February 2021  

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There are very few people who do not worry about hair as everyone likes thick black smooth hair very much. As a result, various hair problems become the cause of our concern.

Due to the weather in the winter season, our hair becomes very rough. So you need to take extra care of your hair at this time. Apart from cosmetics or branded hair oil, honey can be used to remove the roughness of the hair and restore the shine. Honey is a very good moisturizer and it works as a hair conditioner. Let’s have a look at a homemade hair mask for your hair care -

Mix 1 tablespoon pumpkin seed oil, 2 tablespoons honey, and 2 tablespoons coconut oil well. Apply the mixture to your wet hair for 15-20 minutes. Then wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Apply conditioner, of course. You will get the benefit of it if you apply it 1-2 times a week.

In addition, you can also blend ripe bananas, eggs, and honey together and apply it to the hair. It is very beneficial in hair care. Bananas contain moisturizing ingredients, which help keep hair hydrated.