Holy Lailatul Qadr observed...

Dhaka, Sunday   01 August 2021

Holy Lailatul Qadr observed

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 Published: 09:39 AM, 10 May 2021   Updated: 10:07 AM, 10 May 2021

Muslim devotees are performing prayers; File Photo

Muslim devotees are performing prayers; File Photo

Holy Lailatul Qadr or Shab-e-Qadr has observed all over the country with due religious dignity and solemnity following the hygiene rules.

The night of the 26th Ramadan is a very glorious night for the Muslim Ummah. In the Qur’an and Hadith, the night of Qadr is said to be better than a thousand months. On this night, the Angels came down on Earth from Heaven.

On this glorious night, the Muslim devotees spent their time reciting the Qur’an, performing Supererogatory Acts of Worship in the hope of gaining nearness to Allah. On Sunday night, the devotees shed tears in prayer to the Almighty Allah for the forgiveness of their sins, blessings of the country and the unity, peace and prosperity of the Muslim Ummah.

After Tarawih, the worshipers have started the Supererogatory Worship of Qadr. The heart of every believer has flooded with deep emotions on this night. The hearts of all believing Muslims became desperate in the hope of gaining the mercy of Almighty Allah on the Great night.

It is believed that on this night of the Holy month of Ramadan, Allah revealed the Holy Qur’an as a comprehensive guide for mankind, welfare and their complete way of life.