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Holy Fateha-e-Yazdaham today

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 Published: 09:47 AM, 9 December 2019  

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Holy Fateha-e-Yazdaham, the 11th day of the Rabius Sani month of the Islamic (Arabic) calendar is celebrated on Monday across the Muslim world especially to the Sunni Muslim people commemorating the departure of the Great Oli, Imamul Auliya, Ghausul Azam Bara Pir Hazrat Sayed Muhiuddin Abdul Quader Jilani (RA). This year, the day will be celebrated all over the country with proper religious dignity and sentiment.

‘Yazdaham’ is a Persian word, meaning eleven; The word ‘Fateha-e-Yazdahm’ refers to the Fatiha Sharif of eleven. In a word, Isale Swa’ab Milad Mahfil on the 11th day of the month of Rabius Sani month Is known as ‘Fateha-e-Yazdahm’ which is celebrated and known as the name across the Muslim-populated region of Afghanistan, Iran, large Russia, along with the Bangladesh-India-Pakistan of the subcontinent.

On the eve of Fateha-e-Yazdaham, Islamic Foundation has organized a post-Maghrib Waz, Milad and Dua Mahfil on Monday at the Baitul Mukarram National Mosque in the capital.

Imamul Auliya Hazrat Shaykh Abdul Quader Jilani was born in the well-known Syed family of Jilan, about 400 miles north of Baghdad, Iraq, on the 1st Ramadan, 470 AH. His father’s name is Hazrat Syed Abu Saleh Musa. The mother’s name is Ummul Khair Fatima. His father's descendants were associated with Hazrat Imam Hasan (RA) and His mother’s descendants with Hazrat Imam Hussein (RA); This is why He is called ‘Al-Hasani Wa al-Husseini’.

From both patriarchs-matriarchs, He is the descendant of Hazrat Ali, the Prophet (peace be upon him). He later became known as Hazrat Muhiuddin Abdul Quader (RA) for giving Islam a new life. As a resident of Jilan city, the title ‘Jilani’ is appended to the end of His name.

From his childhood, He possessed a very glorious character. The troy story of His childhood life proves His extraordinariness. Once His mother made all arrangements for Him to travel abroad for education, and secretly saved the 40 gold coins and said, “Father Abdul Kader, no matter how difficult the danger, will trust in Allah. Always speak the truth, never lie.” Then he headed for Baghdad with a merchant caravan.

At one time, a group of pirates attacked the merchant caravan and robbed all the belongings of the people. The robber took away all the money from the passengers and approached the boy Hazrat Abdul Quader Jilani and said, “Guy! What do you have?” The boy replied, “I have 40 gold coins inside my shirt sleeve.” The boy said to the robbers in a calm but firm voice “‘My mother told me farewell’ and said ‘Dad, never lie, always tell the truth.’ So I have told you the truth. I obeyed my mother’s order.”

The robber was terrified to hear such an answer in the boy’s tongue. His heart trembled for fear of an invisible superpower. The robber fell at the boy’s feet and begged forgiveness. The robber, in recognition of His truthfulness, returned the money and belongings of each of the passengers and became a Muslim with respect to Him.

With the words of Allah and sweet speeches, the great Auliya returned millions of people to Islam and attained high status over Auliya Kiram in the contemporary world. He is known for having the largest number of devotees and followers all over the world. Allah blessed Him more than all the Auliya. As a result, He gained the ability to spread the religion of Allah throughout the universe.

Giving the light to the right path for the wayward people during the whole life, the Great Lover of Allah, Oliqul Shiromani, died on 11th Rabius Sani 561 AH in 1168 AD at the age of 91.