Hilsa production likely to break all records this season...

Dhaka, Friday   22 January 2021

Hilsa production likely to break all records this season

 Chandpur Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 07:41 PM, 23 November 2020   Updated: 07:42 PM, 23 November 2020

Hilsa production likely to break all records this season

Hilsa production likely to break all records this season

The 22-day ban on hilsa catching in different rivers of the country including Padma-Meghna has increased the number of eggs. During the time, 51.2% of mother hilsa have laid eggs, which is 1.5 to 2% higher compared to last year. It is expected that about 37,800 crores of new hilsa may be added to the fleet this season.

If Jatka fishing can be stoped in March-April, the production of Hilsa could be more than 6,00,000 tonnes, with an estimated market value of Tk 25,000 crore. Hilsa researchers are hopeful that hilsa production will surpass all past records this time.

Three research teams led by Md. Anisur Rahman, Chief Scientific Officer of Chandpur Fisheries Research Institute, conducted research in different rivers and hilsa sanctuaries including hilsa breeding area. Working together, they have found this result.

Hilsa researcher Anisur Rahman said, as the operation of the concerned department was successful, this time mother hilsa has laid a record amount of eggs in the river. If some rules are followed, the production of hilsa will increase further.

Chandpur Fisheries Research Institute Chief Scientific Officer Md. Anisur Rahman is researching on hilsa eggs

He said that mother hilsa lays eggs in the river centering on the full moon and new moon of Ashwin. The government has banned the catching and marketing of hilsa in various rivers of the country including Padma-Meghna in Chandpur for 22 days from October 14 to November 4 to give the opportunity to lay eggs during the breeding season. The administration of the Fisheries Department is working to ensure the fish sanctuary with the help of the Coast Guard and the police.

Dr. Anis said the number of eggs laid by mother hilsa has been steadily increasing over the past few years. This year, mothers hilsa have laid a record 51.2 percent eggs which were 48.92 percent in 2019, 47.75 percent in 2018, 46.47 percent in 2017 and 43.45 percent in 2016.

Chandpur District Fisheries Officer Asadul Baki said the district administration, coast guard, police along with the Air Force and RAB have conducted operations in the river this time. A total, 311 people were arrested during the drives. Of these, 246 were imprisoned in different terms and fined. Besides, 7 crores 4 lakh 46 thousand meters fishing nets and 5,192 kg hilsa fish have been seized.