Hemnagar Rail Station: A place of drug den...

Dhaka, Sunday   26 September 2021

Hemnagar Rail Station: A place of drug den

 Md Abu Kawsar Ahmed, Tangail daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 07:01 PM, 28 February 2020   Updated: 07:06 PM, 28 February 2020

Hemnagar Rail Station; Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Hemnagar Rail Station; Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Hemnagar Railway Station of Tangail on Dhaka-Bangabandhu Bridge-Jamalpur Rail Line was closed for five years as the place turned into a haven of drug addicts and drug dealers where “threshing of agricultural products” was seen during the day. 

Though Prime Minister inaugurated two new trains of Dhaka-Jamalpur on January 26, the locals are not getting any benefits.

According to the report, the then Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced the establishment of a meter gauge link railway at Tarakandi-Bangabandhu Bridge East at a public gathering in Jamalpur in 1996 to ease communication including the supply of Jamuna fertilizers.

New building of Hemnagar Rail Station

Later, the work was started in 2000 after taking a project in the fiscal year 1997-98. After 11 years, the construction of the railway was completed in 2011 at a cost of Tk 250 crores. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated this on June 30, 2012, by train journey.  

52 bridge-culverts and 4 railway stations were constructed in the 42-km railway. Of them — the Hemnagar Railway Station in Tangail is notable, however, the station was opened for two to three years, it has been closed for the last five years.

Drugs spreading around the railway station

There is no manpower excluding a gateman named Habibur Rahman. As a result, the important equipment in the office room is being wasted. 

Threshing agricultural products during the day, the station becomes sanctuaries for prostitutes and drug addicts at night. There have been allegations of mobile prostitution in abandoned buildings and adjoining bushes. 

There is only one toilet but with no water supply. The people dumping at night as the place is full of garbage, darnels in the residential building. A spooky atmosphere prevails at night as there is no lighting system. Addicts and gamblers have chosen the platform and the surrounding area as heaven.

Drugs spreading around the railway station

Meanwhile, the ‘Jamalpur Express’ train has been added on January 26 along with Bahadurabad, Dhaleshwari and local trains that operate through this railway. But due to the manpower crisis, the entire station is now unprotected. 

Due to no ticket master, passengers are not able to collect quota or standing tickets from here. Some collect tickets from Bhuapur 10 km away or from Sarishabari railway station 15 km away. As a result, thousands of passengers are suffering extreme hardship due to the closure of the Hemnagar Railway Station for five years.

Threshing of agricultural products in day

Locals complain that the place has turned into a haven for drug addicts since the station has been closed for a long time. Passengers are experiencing extreme distress as not getting tickets from here. The locals demanded to open the station and removing the suffering of the passengers. 

Acknowledging the situation, Gateman Habibur Rahman, the only employee of the station, said: “Area people do everything. I have nothing to do with it. If protesting, they threaten me. This would not have happened if the station was opened. So, this needs to reopen quickly.”

Furniture got wasted

“As the arable land become abandoned for not cultivation, the situation of the station has become like this,” said writer and researcher Mamun Tarafdar. “This has turned into a place for addicts and prostitutes. When the station will reopen, everything will be ok. The drug den will be destroyed. The station will get its life. Suffering will be less. Passenger service quality will be ensured.”

Rezaul Karim, general secretary of Tangail District Railway Workers League, said the station has been closed for several reasons including manpower crisis, so various problems were created. An attempt is underway to reopen the station, he added.

A meeting place for drug addicts

General Secretary of Tangail District Railway Workers League Rezaul Karim said that due to several shortcomings including manpower crisis, the station was closed due to various problems. An attempt is underway to start the station. When turned on, all problems will be solved.

Acknowledging the involvement of drug addicts, Station Master Masum Ali Khan of Bangabandhu Bridge East Station said that the station would be opened soon after talking to the senior authorities. So that the sufferings of the passengers are eliminated. The station returned to life.