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Healthy breakfast with eggs

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 Published: 10:59 AM, 22 November 2019  

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At breakfast, most families eat eggs. From omelet to pooch or boiled eggs are popular for breakfast.

However, according to nutritionists, eating eggs at breakfast is good. However, for those over the age of forty, it is better to eat boiled eggs without eating fried eggs in oil.

Experts advise keeping eggs for breakfast as it is the cheapest source of nutrients and protein.

Modern research claims that eggs increase the amount of good cholesterol in the body.

According to nutritionist Sumedha Singh, eggs contain high levels of protein. This protein helps our brain and muscle structure.

He said there are some amino acids in the egg, which increase the immune system as well as increase mental stability. So if you are not afraid of allergies, the presence of superfood like eggs can keep you in your daily diet. Let's not know how it will benefit from playing eggs.

1. According to nutritionists, boil the egg in such a way that the egg whites become boiled properly and the yolk is soft. Eating eggs this way is most beneficial for health.

2. Following the exact procedure, the pooch will be cooked in water but not in oil. Break the egg in a container and add a little salt and pepper powder to it. Make sure the egg yolk remains unbroken. Then boil the water in a large container with a little vinegar. Then, carefully drop the egg into the boiling water. The pooch will be ready in two to three minutes. Lift the pooch through the shaft and drain the water.

3. Many people have a strong odor of half-boiled eggs. For them, full boiled eggs are good. Then the eggs should be boiled in water for eight to ten minutes.

Not just for breakfast but by following these methods you can eat eggs at lunchtime. Eggs will keep your body healthy.