Harsh condition of healthcare in Sarankhola

Dhaka, Thursday   02 April 2020


Harsh condition of healthcare in Sarankhola

 Emdad Ul Haque Shamim, Sarankhola daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 10:19 PM, 22 February 2020  

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

For two lakhs people, there are only 5 doctors. X-ray machine, ECG, operation theater, children ward are closed. Pathological tests are not being possible due to lack of technicians. Most of the toilets are unsuitable to use and the environment is unsavory. Adequate manpower doesn’t exist- with having so many crises and mismanagements 50 bedded Health Complex in Sarankhola Upazila of Bagerhat conducting its activity in a harsh situation. 

Patients here become so helpless not only in facing these lacking but also with the representatives of different pharmaceutical companies and local brokers. 

Hundreds of people of different ages from remote villages of the upazila getting into trouble everyday while coming for treatment. They do not get service even after long waiting. 

Although the hospital has been plagued with thousands of problems over the years, the concerned authorities have no measure in resolving these. 
Therefore, people get subjected to move to clinics or other areas for treatment spending extra charge.

According to the findings, the 50-bedded hospital is expected to have 13 doctors, including consultant, gynecologist, and pediatrician, but there are only five doctors. The remaining eight doctors are vacant. 

In addition, there are two out of three in the ward-boy post. There is only one person in the place of five cleaners. There is no nursemaid and pathologist.

The X-ray machine and the ECG machine are wasted for 12 and 6 years respectively. Even the 2 technicians for these are also absent.
The operation theater (OT) has equipments, but there is no operation. Due to not using, valuable equipments are being wasted there.

Medicine sales representatives start competition as soon as the doctors enter the hospital for checking patients. Even they entered the doctor chamber pushing many old patients who are waiting since morning. 
From then people of different ages have just to looking at the doctor’s face silently. 
Although 2/1 of the patients reached the doctor, both the patient and the doctor fell into disrepair under pressure from sales representatives. 

Some of the outdoor patients said that many people were horrified at the way the people at the company rushed to the doctors. At times under such pressure, we forgot what to say to the doctor.

The symbols of private diseases cannot be shared for shyness in presence of third person in the chamber. That’s why there will be no outcome to visit for services from remote areas. 

However, on condition of anonymity, some of the staff said that many representatives of the pharmaceutical company being local residents entered the doctors’ room every time but they were not told anything because of eye-shame. However, it is unreasonable for a patient to be admitted to the hospital before the specified time, and to take pictures of their manuscript. 

However, it is not a matter to stop such practices if the authorities will be strict.

On the other hand, a sales representative said on condition of anonymity, “We only visit doctors and health officials with their permission.” I do not hurt patient to get any service. Apart from noon, visiting till 11 in the morning does not hurt patients.”

Upazila Health Officer Farida Yasmin said, “Representatives of the pharmaceutical company were asked to come afternoon to visit doctors. Even then, if anyone comes during hours for patients action will be taken on that. However, I do not know about the broker. Besides, not all complaints of patients are correct.”

“In addition, it is not possible to provide the desired services to thousands of people with only 3/4 doctors. However, due to crisis in manpower including doctors, medical services are being disrupted,” she added.