Alexa Happy Birthday to ‘Mon Shudhu Mon Chuyeche’ Tapan Chowdhury

Dhaka, Tuesday   16 July 2019

Happy Birthday to ‘Mon Shudhu Mon Chuyeche’ Tapan Chowdhury

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 Published: 06:10 PM, 7 January 2019   Updated: 06:10 PM, 7 January 2019

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Today is the birthday of legendary singer Tapan Chowdhury who has spent more than four decades in music. The popular musician has received love, reward and honor of the people in his music career.

On the occasion of the birthday, Tapan Chowdhury said, “I want blessings from all. I know the people of Bangladesh love me a lot, I saw it with my own eyes. My respect and love for all.”

Tapan Chowdhury went on to become the famous music artist after the song ‘Mon Shudhu Mon Chuyeche’ was sung by him as the lead vocal of 'Souls' band at Bangladesh Television in 1979. The song was written by Nakib Khan and composed by Pilu Khan and with this; he became the legendary star of the country.

After the popularity of the song in 1979, Soul’s first album was released and came to the market in 1981. Later on this album, Tapan Chowdhury’s ‘Mon Shudhu Mon Chuyeche’ has become more popular after it has been added to the drama serial ‘Protishruti’, which was broadcasted on the BTV. 

In 1984, Tapan Chowdhury’s first solo album ‘Tapan Chowdhury’ came to the market in the banner of Sargam. The all songs of the album grabbed the heart of the audience in melodrama of Ayub Bacchu.

After that, ‘Arajita’, ‘Tumi Neel Akash’, ‘Anushochona’, ‘Smritir Chinho’, ‘Amar Prithibi’ and many other albums came to the market. However, after the release of his first album, ‘Anushochona’ became most popular among audience.

In the words of Shahid Mahmud Jangi and tune of Ayub Bachchu, Tapan Chowdhury’s ‘Harano Dinke Jodi Ami Pai Tomake Ar Ferabo Na’ song has become an eternal song. The song still touched the heart of the audience. He then sang a number of songs written by Shahid Mahmud Jangi.

After a long time, Tapan Chowdhury’s songs were released after Eid al-Adha. The new two songs were dual voices. In these, Tapan Chowdhury gave voice with two artists -- Haimanti and Nandita.

The Tapan's two songs---‘Ai Misti Haoar Rate’ song written by Mohammad Jahangir Alam and sung with Nandita and ‘Aral Holei Tumi’ written by Shakawat Hossain Maruf and sung with Haimanti. Ujjal Sinha has composed these two songs. Bangla Dhol released the songs.