Alexa Happy Birthday ‘Playback Emperor’

Dhaka, Wednesday   13 November 2019


Happy Birthday ‘Playback Emperor’

 Entertainment Correspondent

 Published: 04:55 PM, 4 November 2019  

Andrew Kishore

Andrew Kishore

There is no need to introduce him again by many adjectives. Everyone knows him as a ‘Playback Emperor’, a legendary singer of Bengali songs. He is Andrew Kishore, one of the popular singers in Bangladesh who gifted us with many legendary songs. Today is his 64th birthday.

This year, Andrew Kishore is spending his times’ thousands of miles away from the country in the bed of the General Hospital in Singapore. Every day he spent his time without friends, relatives, and well-wishers.

The singer, who is suffering from cancer, has been undergoing treatment since September 11. His biopsy test was done on September 12. After checking all tests, the doctors said that his body had been diagnosed with cancer and ‘all 18 chemotherapy must be given’!

It is known that he stayed in the hospital cabin for a few days in a month in the Singapore General Hospital while he is taking chemotherapy and other days he is staying at Shahed Apartment in Singapore Wayne Road where his family members are staying with him.

All hopes for his recovery that Andrew Kishore will return to music again after finishing his treatment and chemotherapy. His fans and relatives believe that Andrew Kishore — a strong morale man — has the ability to come back. On his birthday, Andrew Kishore seeks the blessings of the countrymen.

Born in Rajshahi in 1955, Andrew Kishore grew up there and studied at Rajshahi University. The ‘Playback Emperor’ of Bengali songs has kept music lovers in ‘magic tune’ for more than four decades. 

Andrew Kishore initially started his music lessons under Abdul Aziz Bachchu. After the Liberation War, he was enrolled in Rajshahi Betar in almost all genres including Nazrul, Rabindranath, Modern, Folk, and Patriotic.

Andrew Kishore started his playback journey in 1977 with the song ‘Achinpurer Rajkumari Nei Je Tar Kew’ composed by Alam khan of the movie ‘Mail Train’. His second recorded song ‘Dhum Dharakka’ of the movie ‘Emiler Goenda Bahini’ directed by Badal Rahman.

However, the audience heard his first song ‘Ek Chor Jai Chole’ of the movie ‘Pratigga’ directed by A J Mintu in 1979. The song became popular at that time.  

His notable popular songs are – ‘Jiboner Golpo Ase Baki Alpo’, ‘Hayre Manush Rangin Fanush’,  ‘Daak Diase Doyal Amare’, ‘Amar Sara Deho Kheyo Go Mati, ‘Amar Buker Moddhe Khane’, ‘Prithibir Joto Shukh Ami Tomar Choate Khuje Peyesi’, ‘Sobai Valobasha Chai’, ‘Beder Meye Josna Amay Kotha Diyese’, ‘Tumi Amar Jibon Ami Tomar Jibon’, ‘Valo Asi Valo Theko’, ‘Tumi Mor Jiboner Vabona’, ‘Chokh Je Moner Kotha Bole’, ‘Porena Choker Polok’ etc.

The legend of the Bangla song has won the National Film Award eight times.