Alexa Happy Birthday Misa Sawdagar

Dhaka, Sunday   21 July 2019

Happy Birthday Misa Sawdagar

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 Published: 05:17 PM, 4 January 2019   Updated: 05:17 PM, 4 January 2019

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Today is the birth anniversary of Misa Sawdagar, a powerful film actor of the Bengali film and the president of Bangladesh Film Industry Association. Daily Bangladesh wishes him happy birthday.

On the occasion of his birthday, Misa Sawdagar did not make any additional plans. He will spend the day with his wife Mitu and younger son, Waise Kuruni at home.

Misa’s eldest son Walid Hasan is out of the country for study. So, he will be a little sad due to this. But he informed that he contacting with his son regularly. 

Misha Sawdagar said, “Birthday means my age has increased. I want everyone’s blessings and pray so that I can be with my family all the time. I do not have any extra zest for this day.”

In 1986, Misha Sawdagar started the journey in the film industry as a new face program organized by FDC. In 1990, he acted as a hero in ‘Chetona’ film directed by Chattku Ahmed. He also acted in the role of hero in the film ‘Amarsangi’, but did not get success in either of the two.

Later, various directors advised him to play the role of a villain. He started acting as a villain in ‘Asha Valobasha’ film directed by Tamiz Uddin Rizvi. After completing the film’s shooting, he signed up to play as a villain in seven other films.

There is an interesting story about this actor’s name. Misha Sawdagar’s grandfather’s name is Jummon Sawdagar. Misha’s full name is Shahid Hasan. He married to Mita. He named himself ‘Misha’ by putting together his wife Mita’s name as ‘Mi’ and his name ‘Sha’. And later, he added ‘Sawdagar’ after his grandfather’s Sawdagar title.