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Hair in food; risky for health or not

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 Published: 08:28 PM, 26 November 2019  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Hair in food is a common boring matter to everyone. If we found hair in the food, we got angry and most of the time we leave it thinking as unhealthy. But do you know is the hair in the food risky or not?

Today we are going to discuss the matter of what infects. Sometimes we found hair in our food and sometimes it goes hidden under the eyes of everyone. Which is going to the stomach later. Many worry about what is going to happen to it. According to experts, a human hair is created by a type of protein called 'keratin', which also creates the nails, the lining of the internal organs and the outer layer of the skin.

Keratin contains an amino acid called 'L-cysteine' that is used in various dishes made with bread or flour. Because it increases the self-lifespan of these foods. At the same time, the acid is also sold to add to the balanced diet list.

As a result, we are accepting 'hair combining' bread or anything else like this as a safe diet. However, the question is whether the hair found in food is safe. The answer is that unlike the 'proteins' found in food, it does not cause any reaction in the gut. Simply put, it is not a problem when hair comes in diet or food in-touch with hair. In all, hair does not naturally harm our health.

But the matter is not finished here. In some cases, the presence of hair in food can cause contamination. Because it is not sure that the hair will always be clean.

Source: Times of India