Hailstorm damage crops...

Dhaka, Wednesday   23 September 2020

Hailstorm damage crops

 Jamalpur Correspondent Daily-Bangladesh

 Published: 11:29 PM, 25 April 2018  

Daily Bangladesh

Daily Bangladesh

Various crops including boro rice, mango, vegetables and other crops have suffered widespread damage in Baishakhi storm and big hailstorms in Bakshiganj of Jamalpur.

On the night of storm, the entire area covered with black clouds. Hail begins at around 5:00 pm. In this, there is a great loss of boro paddy, jute, chilli, lace, patal, dill and other crops.

On Wednesday morning, the farmers of the area visited the field of the crop in Tapcharchar, Mirchchar village of the upazila.

Rotten paddy has fallen in hail. Different vegetable fields have been damaged. Under the trees, raw leaves and mango fall into stacks. Many farmers began to cut paddy in fear of hailstorm. As a result, common farmers are facing losses.

The farmers said that the rice that is seen in the rice grains is not rice but mostly dried.

Farmer Dula Mia of Bagaduba village said, "I have not seen such hail in my age. There was so much damage in rains."

In this regard, a farmer of Merurchar village, Chamad Mia said, we planted two bighas of land with barga. I have cultivated chillies, and other vegetables in the land by taking debts, but in one day it was all ruined. Now the loan cannot be repaid.

Regarding this, the farmer Haji Sarkar Abdur Razzak of old Topkarchar village said that due to the loss of the rains, the interest in the cultivation of Boro rice has been lost in the future. He said that Boro Rice farmers have faced huge losses in rains.

Upazila Agriculture Officer Abdul Hamid said that there was considerable harm to the rising crop in the rains. However, the amount of loss cannot be correctly said at the moment. Work is going on in the field to determine the number of losses.

UNO Abu Hassan Siddique visited the affected areas.