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Dhaka, Friday   23 August 2019


Habits that extremely harmful for liver

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 Published: 01:36 PM, 23 July 2019  



Liver is one of the most important parts of the body. It releases all harmful toxins from the body. If the liver can’t act normally, all harmful toxins will remain in the body. As a result, parts of our body will start to become crippled.

It is important to keep the liver fit to keep the body healthy. But due to unawares, some bad habits can cause serious liver damages. If we don’t become serious timely, the liver will lose its normal function activity.

Let’s know about some of the practices that unknowingly damage our liver — 

The habit of not taking food for a long time after waking up in the morning is extremely harmful to the liver. The liver also loses its normal functioning for continuing this bad habit for a long time.

Many people wake up in the morning and lie down to skip the toilet and urine due to laziness. This practice is also harmful to the liver.

Eating excessive raw foods are extremely harmful to our liver. If excess fruits and raw vegetables are eaten, it will give extra pressure to digest them. This also affects our liver.

Sleeping late and getting up late - both are harmful to the liver. As a result of this habit, many problems are occurred in the body including various digestive problems.

Excessive amounts of drugs can cause liver damage. Especially painkillers reduce liver function gradually. Besides, the liver is damaged by the side effects of the drug.

Excessive drinking habits — one of the major causes of premature liver failure. The harmful ingredients of alcohol cause serious damage to our liver.

Bad fried foods or over-oiled foods are very harmful to the liver.

Excessive feeding habits are also detrimental to the liver. We take more food which we like most and that excessive food is very harmful to our liver too.

Any food containing harmful chemical color is seriously damaging to our liver! But many of us eat inadvertently with artificial colors or flavored foods. Regular consumption of artificial colors or flavored foods may damage the liver in response to these side effects.