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Guest birds sanctuary Ramarai Dighi

Thakurgaon CorrespondentDaily-Bangladesh.com
Photo: DailyBangladesh

Winter guest birds’ flocking is an additional natural beauty of the Ranisankail’s Ramrai dighi in Thakurgaon district. The whole Dighi area has become the bird kingdom. Thousands of guest birds fly around the Dighi area in search of food all the day long. People from the nearby areas as well as various parts of the country come here to enjoy the unprecedented bird together and there.

As soon as the evening comes, guest birds gather in hundreds of litchi trees on the banks of the Rammari Dighi. It creates the unique ambiance with innumerable birds’ tweet in the twilight.

Journalist Abdus Salam said - Many people come all day to visit these guest birds. A cheerful atmosphere has been remaining in our Ramrayai dighi area with the advent. Locals including I are aware that somebody cannot hunt the guest birds.

Akhahar Uddin Talukdar, a birdwatcher of Thakurgaon, said, “The name of the guest birds coming here is the ‘Small Srali’. Guest birds come to our country as guests. The administration will have to take measures so that guest birds can stay in our place fearlessly. As the beauty of this area increases in the arrival of guest birds, they also support nature's balance. So we say ‘No’ guest bird hunting.”

Officer-in-Charge of Thakurgaon Police Station Abdul Mannan said, “Guest birds hunting is punishable crime.” In the meantime, in the meeting with the Community Policing Committee, we are conducting extensive awareness campaign. Birds are safe with the help all.”

UNO Moushumi Afrida said that guest birds have become like relatives after getting the love of people from the area. Birds are safe with the help of everyone. A large number of publicity campaigns have been launched so that miscreants cannot catch birds.


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