Greece deploys soundwave guns near Turkish border...

Dhaka, Thursday   29 October 2020

Greece deploys soundwave guns near Turkish border

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 Published: 07:50 PM, 17 October 2020   Updated: 07:50 PM, 17 October 2020

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Greek authorities have reportedly installed two long-range acoustic devices (LRADs) on the Turkish border to help prevent illegal crossings by refugees and migrants into Europe, the Daily Mail reported on Wednesday. 

The country has deployed additional border guards, four drones, 15 thermal cameras, 10 armoured vehicles and five dinghies have been sent to bolster border security as well. 

Meanwhile, refugee rights activists are calling these border LRADs "sound cannons and sound bombs". They say its loud noise can cause pain and permanent hearing damage, creating controversy surrounding the device’s use on humans. 

According to experts, LRAD noise waves are very harmful to public health. People who are exposed to the LRAD can go on to suffer from deafness, severe pain and serious health problems. 

Greece has begun the construction of a new fence across its northeastern border with Turkey, and it will be 27 kilometres long, while eight elevated observatories will be used by the army. 

According to international standards, the use of LRADs to disperse people and stop riots is prohibited. These can only be used to chase wildlife coming towards the airport with using in gas and oil fields and in industrial and fuel centers.