Govt’s ‘lockdown’ thoughts over coronavirus 2nd wave...

Dhaka, Monday   26 October 2020

Govt’s ‘lockdown’ thoughts over coronavirus 2nd wave

 Shahadat Hossain Rakib

 Published: 08:39 PM, 22 September 2020   Updated: 01:17 AM, 23 September 2020

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The government fears that the second phase of coronavirus infection will occur in October-November this year. However, the government will not implement the lockdown again even if the infection situation is created.

Many countries in the world are seeing the second phase of coronavirus infection. In this context, there is a risk of re-infection in Bangladesh. With this in mind, an inter-ministerial meeting was held on Tuesday. The issue was discussed at the meeting. The government is not thinking of lockdown again to keep the economy afloat.

In this regard, Cabinet Secretary Khandaker Anwarul Islam said the government is not thinking of another lockdown to keep the economy afloat. However, in the second phase of coronavirus infection, there will be widespread awareness about the infection. Everyone must follow health guidelines.

He added that monitoring of people entering and leaving the airport will be intensified. In addition, the law will be strictly enforced to make masks compulsory in all places including mosques and markets.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet Division has asked the ministries to come up with their own plans on the issue of second phase coronavirus infection. It has been asked to make a plan on how to deal with the situation if the infection increases.

In this context, Khandaker Anwarul Islam said that the ministries have been asked to make their own plans to stop the second wave. The plan has also been asked to be submitted to the cabinet department within seven working days.

Infection is seen in the second phase in different countries. Bangladesh is also at risk of re-infection, according to a recent statement from the Covid-19 National Technical Advisory Committee. In addition to preventing this infection, it is recommended to be fully prepared to ensure health care.

It is also advisable to prepare a roadmap for the second time to prevent and control the infection and prepare accordingly. According to the advisory committee, although coronavirus vaccines are active worldwide, the availability of effective vaccines is timely. As it is not possible to continue the lockdown in the interest of livelihood, awareness activities are needed to be intensified to ensure more public awareness and more active participation in hygiene compliance.

Meanwhile, the government has decided to reduce the number of unused beds in COVID-19 hospital. However, the National Advisory Committee thinks that there is still a need for isolation centers. The committee advised that even if the contraction is done, it should not be closed completely so that it is possible to reused if necessary.