Alexa Govt staffs to face salary deduction for late office

Dhaka, Monday   27 January 2020


Govt staffs to face salary deduction for late office

 Shahadat Hosen Rakib

 Published: 09:16 PM, 7 December 2019  

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Late attendance of government employees out of logical cause will not be allowed anymore. Violation of this provision will allow the concerned employee to deduct the equivalent amount of one day's basic pay for a two-day delay, allowing them to show cause.

The Ministry of Public Administration recently issued the 'Government Employees (Regular Attendance) Rules, 2019'. It was published in the form of Gazette on December 5. New rules were imposed on it.

In addition, the statute also said, without concerning office, if an employee stays absent, leave the station or late attend more than one days out of 30 days, he could face the penalty of 7 days’ salary deduction

It also said that no civil servant will be absent without concern from his work. If an employee is absent in the office without permission, the competent authority may deduct the equivalent amount of one day's basic pay for the employee's daily absence by giving him reasonable opportunity to show cause to the concerned employee.

It said that no public servant can leave the office without the permission of the competent authority. However, in case of urgent need to leave the office, the office may be informed by the colleague. The reason, time, date, etc. should be recorded in the reserved register.

According to the rules, if a government employee's salary is deducted, he can apply for a reconsideration order to the appropriate authorities within three business days. If a reconsideration request is made, the ordering authority may amend or revoke the order of the deduction of the pay, giving the relevant employee a reasonable opportunity of hearing. A summary of the testimony, information received, and the decision must be recorded in the hearing of the reconsideration petition.

The penalty should be deducted from the monthly salary bill of the concerned government employee. If that employee draws his own bill, he should be instructed to deduct the penalty from the salary bill. A copy of the order should be sent to the Accounting Office. If the employee does not deduct the penalty from the salary bill, the Accounting Office will cut the bill and pass the bill, the official order said.